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Increase sales with indoor advertising in casinos, restaurants, bars, health clubs and gas stations. Call 800-633-0009 today!

Northwoods Indoor Advertising is providing business owners a unique idea to increase their sales by placing their advertisement in a place “Where Everyone Has To Go!” Our business currently places ads in casinos, restaurants, bars, health club, gas stations, and other high traffic establishments and has been for 30 years!


“I find Simone an extremely energetic and enthusiastic sales representative. She has years of successful advertising experience in both the commercial and tourism sectors in Wisconsin and her unique perspective gives her a real edge over the competition. Simone also realizes and understands the value of personalized service, and I feel she truly has my organization’s best interest in mind when making suggestions on ad design and placement.”

“Dear Northwoods Indoor, We just wanted to say thanks for making our decision on how and where to advertise so easy. We had great feedback from customers on our ads last year. Everyone likes to tell us what bathroom they were in when they saw the ad. For my money, indoor ads are the perfect way to pinpoint our target market. Keep up the good work.”

“Dear Northwoods Advertising, Just had two more customers due to my bathroom ads!!! This has been the smartest advertising money I’ve ever spent!! I figured the average ticket is $50.00!! You can’t beat that. Thank you for this great way of getting people in the store!!”

“Dear Simone, I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am to be involved with Northwoods Indoor Advertising. I have tried television, newspaper and other local print media and nothing has even come close to generating the response that your ads have. My ads easily paid for themselves in the first few weeks they were put up. Again, thank you and everyone at Northwoods for all your help and keep up the great work.”

“Dear Ms. Tremblay, Thank you for your generous offer to donate ads to the Aquarium! We greatly appreciate your support, especially as we go through our growing pains.”

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A Unique Advertising Company

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Targeted Audience

Reach a captive audience who will give you their undivided attention.

Door Ding Waco TX

High Engagement

Indoor ads can be more engaging than other forms of advertising.
Door Ding Waco TX

Place-based advertising

Ads are placed in locations that best suit your audience in your local and surrounding area markets! It is also a very cost-effective way to reach markets that you normally can’t through traditional advertising.

Customized Ads for All Types of Businesses:

Automotive, casinos, corporate, employment, home entertainment, home improvement, hotels/resorts, marine, power/motorsports, radio, real estate, restaurants, retail, and more.

Northwoods Indoor Advertising

Offering indoor advertising where everyone has to go!

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