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WALL STREET JOURNAL: "When we first talked about it we all laughed, but it seems to have gotten a lot of results," says Michael Swanson, media planner at Fallon McElligot, Minneapolis. "People are looking for something new that's targeted and attention - grabbing."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: "....Gerry Miller, executive vice president and managing creative director at the Leo Burnett USA unit of other Leo Burnett Co. in Chicago, used indoor advertising for a Noxema campaign to reach young women in trendy restaurants, bars, and clubs in chic Manhattan neighborhoods."

TWIN CITIES BUSINESS MONTHLY: "Bathroom advertising is nothing new; it's just moved from Magic Markers to typesetting. And it's still a terrific medium. It talks to its audience one on one. It speaks in just the right amount of time."

AD WEEK: "Talk about your captive audience. Your attention is riveted directly on the space in front of you. People indeed read the ads thoroughly. Restroom advertising is naturally, an effective medium for targeting strictly male of female audiences."

NEWSWEEK: "Now Madison Avenue has invaded the restrooms. It's surprising nobody has thought of it before."

HOUSTON CHRONICLE: "What a perfect place for an ad."

INC: "If you went to the restroom three times, you'd read it again and again. Not only can indoor billboards reach a very discerning customer, but they've got that customer's undivided attention."

THE BOSTON GLOBE: "This was the only place in the world people would stand in line to read advertising. A study by Rice University shows that the amount of time readers focus on the bathroom advertising is about a minute & a half for men, and two minutes for women. You've got their undivided attention for a period."


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